Hong Kong's modern enterprises have embarked on a paradigm shift after years of relentless digitization. With a newfound focus on sustainable success, enterprises are turning to Chief Digital Officers (CDOs) to chart a sustainable course towards creating innovative revenue streams, achieving enhanced efficiency, integrating improved operational agility and greater resiliency, through deeper real-time insights in data-centric decision-making. However, amidst these aspirations lie formidable challenges that hinder progress and demand a strategic response from digital executives. 


The pursuit of sustainable success is marred by uncertainties, casting a shadow of doubt over the future. Imminent budget pressures loom large, dampening the appetite for long-term investments and posing a significant obstacle for CDOs. Additionally, the rigidity of organizational structures and entrenched cultural norms pose formidable barriers to the achievement of these transformative goals. These hurdles impede the strategic development of new business models and the seamless deployment of cutting-edge technologies. 


In this dynamic and challenging environment, it is imperative for Chief Digital Officers to rise to the occasion. To ensure their enterprises are digitally prepared to seize emerging opportunities as the market brightens, CDOs must spearhead progressive transformations in revenue generation and efficiency enhancement. They must strike a delicate balance between forging strategic partnerships and maintaining the integrity of their organizations. 


CDO Innovation Hong Kong 2023 aims to unite high-level executives from prominent companies in Hong Kong and the surrounding region – to address data readiness, digital revenue, return on investment (ROI), agility, partnerships, and emerging technologies. As Chief Data Officers (CDOs) reassess the way technology is utilized, the conference will explore how to enhance skill sets, close expertise gaps, and redefine the concept of success. 


Who will attend? 

  • Chief Digital Officers, VP Digital 


  • Heads of Digital Transformation 

  • Heads of Innovation, Heads of Digital, Heads of Transformation, Heads of Strategy 

  • Chief Customer Officers, Chief Data Officers, Heads of Digital/Customer Experience 

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