CDOs in Hong Kong are facing an escalating demand for flexibility and adaptability in integrating technology, optimizing resources and selecting alternative growth paths in alignment with corporate objectives. Digital executives are responsible for ensuring that technology is integrated seamlessly into various aspects of the organization to enhance efficiency, productivity and customer experiences – especially in an era of enterprise operations where AI integration is pervading all expansion discussions. 

Hong Kong has experienced periods of economic slowdown, influenced by trade tensions and disruptions to business operations caused by pandemic. Navigating these complexities requires strategic vision, agility, and a strong understanding of both technological and business landscapes. Staying abreast on global digital initiatives, emerging regulations, growing security and risk concerns are paramount to thrive. 

Swift integration of AI-driven tools in Hong Kong underscores the city's dedication to technological advancement and innovation. The fact that 84% of employers incorporated AI into their operations in 2023, with an expected surge to 94% by 2028, highlights the growing importance of AI in facilitating business growth. Will shortage of optimal and cost efficient technology, and qualified resources impede the digital initiatives?

Delve deep into these transformative trends at Questex’s CDO Innovation Forum Hong Kong 2024, where over 120+ Chief Data Officers (CDOs), VPs - Digital, CIO, CTO, CSO, Heads of Digital Transformation, Heads of Innovation, Heads of Digital, Heads of Transformation, Heads of Strategy, and Chief Customer Officers will be there to share cutting-edge insights on hypergrowth and digital investment, security of interconnected enterprises, and the pivotal role of AI, automation, and the intelligent edge enterprises can gather during this consolidating phase. 


Key Topics Discussed:        

  • Amplifying Value in Data: Cultivating a Data-Driven Ethos to Foster Enduring Demand 
  • Generative AI Inertia: Unleashing Strategies to Advance in High-Priority Use Cases in Generative AI 
  • Integrating Digital Tech: Striking Balance Between Innovation and Alignment with Core Business Objectives 
  • Fortifying Talent: Navigating Rapidly in The Face of Digital Resource Constraints 
  • Interplay with Governance and Risk: Embracing A Risk-Focused Approach to Data Governance 
  • Exploring the Impact of AI on Cloud Technologies and Future Trajectories 


Who Should Attend:    

  • Chief Digital Officers  
  • Chief Data Officers  
  • Chief Innovation Officers  
  • Chief Information Officers  
  • Chief/Head of Strategic Management  
  • Chief/Head - Digital Channels and Customer Experience  
  • Chief/Head - Digital Transformation  
  • Chief/Head - Business Intelligence  
  • Chief/Head - Business Analytics  

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