The rise of the Chief Digital Officer (CDO) in the new normal reflects the growth of digital transformation. CDOs are now change agents who drive growth and strategic renewal by leading enterprises as they transform from traditional to digital. Increasingly, digital strategy and business strategy are now indistinguishable. That means increasing demands on the CDO on building immediate resilience and developing long-term agility for enterprises. 

To understand what next in optimizing enterprise’s digital transformation portfolio, and to drive digital transformations through the leadership, a clear and integrable road-map with plans for enhanced customer engagement must be prioritized. 

CDOs of enterprises, emerging from major disruptions, will have to increasingly collaborate and align technology with the future of work. 

CDO Innovation Hong Kong Forum 2023 will bring together senior executives from major enterprises in Hong Kong and the region – to discuss how some of the successful regional CDOs are expediting their digitization efforts and how they have facilitated their organizations’ digital transformation. 

Who will attend?

  • Chief Digital Officers, VP Digital
  • Heads of Digital Transformation
  • Heads of Innovation, Heads of Digital, Heads of Transformation, Heads of Strategy
  • Chief Customer Officers, Chief Data Officers, Heads of Digital/Customer Experience

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