The Covid-19 crisis has shown us that many facets of leadership will need to change to master the post-Covid-19 world.  More than ever, Chief Digital Officers (CDOs) play a crucial role in driving the digital changes needed for their organizations to respond to the crisis and prepare for the next normal.

Often the most digital person in the organization, the CDO, as “transformer in chief,” is charged with leading a business’s digital transformation while working closely with the CEO and other C-suite executives to help shape the business response to the crisis. The CDO now also has a true opportunity to demonstrate resilience in a crisis by driving the digital changes a business needs to survive.

To navigate through the crises and to drive digital transformations through leadership, digital strategy, clear and integrable product road-map, enhanced customer engagement and agility, the CDOs must transform, collaborate and align technology with the new normal.

CDO Innovation Hong Kong Forum 2021 will bring together senior executives from major enterprises in Hong Kong – to discuss how some of the successful regional CDOs are expediting their digitization efforts and how they have facilitated their organizations’ digital transformation.

  • Meet the new CDO post-pandemic: what has changed and what hasn’t
  • Onboarding as a CDO in a hybrid workspace
  • From omnichannel to digital experience: integration challenges
  • Future-proofing digital investments
  • Enhanced CX with digital tools and AI
  • Designing the future human-machine workplace

Who will attend?

  • Chief Digital Officers, VP Digital
  • Heads of Digital Transformation
  • Heads of Innovation, Heads of Digital, Heads of Transformation, Heads of Strategy
  • Chief Customer Officers, Chief Data Officers, Heads of Digital/Customer Experience


Questex Asia’s 6th CDO Innovation Forum Hong Kong running on 14 October 2022 will bring together top CDOs to present best practices and new trends in enterprise transformation. 

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